Wednesday, April 21, 2010


well, good morning friends. i had a rough night last night. you know what i know about myself? i know that i am strong. i have had a lot of experiences that "build character". perhaps that's why i am such a character, who knows. but, i am in the midst of a character building experience and i'm a little weary. last night was not the best night i've ever had. i called my gal pal and sobbed in the phone because well...i'm blessed enough to have someone that will pick up the phone when i call.
today i woke up sad at 5 am. weird dreams weird realities. i finally fell back asleep around 6. when i finally pulled my tired butt out of bed i felt just as sad, a little puffy, but much stronger.
that's the ticket. i'm strong as hell. even when i am feeling remarkably downtrodden, i know i am strong. i can deal. i may lose my cool, but i always recover. i have the weeble-wobble gene. you can knock me down but i always bounce right back up.
and...of course, everything happens for a reason. i let my guard down a while back and got very mad at myself for it. but my awesome roomie told me the same advice i gave her a long time ago. just allow yourself to be open to the good stuff; and i did. though it sucks to have it wither away before my eyes, i know it's happening for a purpose and i will be better for it. i already am.
here's to a new day, my darlings. here's to the lights in our lives that make the dark times more navigable. here's to life, man. it's going to be a good day. i choose for it to be, and i'm nothing if not an optimist.
all my love and gratitude to you today.
adieu for now,


Adrienne said...

You got the stuff my love! I am your backbone when you need it :) Vice versa of course...lord knows I have needed it quite a bit for awhile. Love you more than my luggage AND my cowboy boots.

lulu said...

i love that we have each other. my chosen family. girl you helped me last night and i know i just wept ridiculously in a loud-breathing cacauphony, but know how very much i needed that telephonic hand. i love you so very much!

Susanne said...

I don't know whats going on with you honey , but you are loved and adored . YOur unchosen family .

lulu said...

i'm okay mama. just being tested. have to vent you know? love you!