Sunday, April 25, 2010

the big domingo

hello friends. 'tis sunday. i'm pulling double-duty as maid/sloth at the chateau. it's been a weird, wild weekend and i'm glad to be home relaxing. i'm glad to have my right mind though i'm completely swimming in it today.
i'm chillin' on the couch, lookin' out the window. i've got my girl, V over studying for finals while the gilmore girls run on a loop in the background. this is an atypical sunday funday but it's lovely nonetheless. changes are happening all around me and within me. life is being lived. feelings are being felt. hope your day is peaceful, friends.

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Susanne said...

Im a little better today thanks honey. I am a little sad , the pastor and family are moving to Nashville at the end of next month.I started the gym today too, just the treadmill and the row machine, go me !