Thursday, April 22, 2010

s'okay, folks!

well, here i be, kiddos. it's thursday. i stayed in bed until 15 minutes before i was supposed to leave for work. the sleep was welcome. i am doing better today. some lengthy conversations, a nice walk (or hobble in my case) in the woods, a delicious dinner (mongo stir-fry joint. anyone had that before? it's like one fresh stir-fry know, actually fresh and tastes good) and i feel rather decent.

i'm not sure what exactly is allowing me to keep one foot on solid ground while the rest of me is doing loopty-loops but i'm grateful for that one stubbourn foot o' mine. and hey! guess what?! i have the interwebs back on my little laptop. i'm stoked about that. i'm not the most technologically sound person on the planet so mysterious problems with computers, phones, televisions, printers...just about anything mechanical baffles me.

well, after reading the comments from the past few days i feel like i should apologize for worrying any of you. i'm not losing my mind or about to go into grey gardens hermitude or anything. this is simply the place where i extol the many victories and lament the many challenges in the bizarro world o' lu. it's a hell of a ride, though right?

well, for your viewing pleasure, pictures from monday through yesterday. enjoy! oh, and happy earth day!!!
adieu for now,

monday dinner with cb & twin. mama has had a hankering for mexican food after all the festival healthy food.tuesday night wine & tubby time. how i chill and water-warp the pages of whatever book i'm reading at the time.

top pic: the best way to get out of a funk. have this little angelita greet you at the park running full speed, giggling and yelling "lulu!" does any heart good, i'd wager.

love to all!

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