Thursday, April 8, 2010

rain, rain don't go away! stay & play one more day!

hello friends. 'tis a rainy (thank goodness!) thursday evening and i am fresh out of the tub, jamming to some lay low and generally enjoying a night in. i have really been enjoying my quiet time lately. i became ever-so-slightly stir crazy being sick but after having spent some enjoyable time with friends this week, i am not even the slightest bit stir crazy now. bring on the quiet, bring on the cozy, bring on the puttering!

i reveled in some of my favourite weather today. dark clouds filled the sky and for hours the pre-storm winds blew threw town and gently moved my hair off of my shoulders. magnificent. the earth smelled new after the rain this afternoon. everything was technicolour green and the temperature dropped a solid five degrees or so. it felt majestically like spring and had me yearning for life in a place more temperate so i can enjoy days like this more often.

i'm happy to be home, friends. i'm tickled that my purple toe matches my purple dress. i'm glad the pedal steel was invented. it's the perfect sound for a fabulously sprinkly evening in.

adieu for now, lovies!

*today's picture: ringo exploring my camera and helping me get a good picture for the blog today. thanks lil bud.

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