Friday, April 23, 2010

i woke up naming ernest hemingway books

friday. that miraculous beast of a day that, if you don't work saturdays, is a welcome reprieve from the drudgery of the workweek. fridays for me are like thursdays that everyone else on the planet are really excited about therefore there are happy hour specials and bands playing and art exhibits opening etc. all to celebrate...second thursday. i can't get quite as excited as other people for second thursday.

on the other hand i have something that people who work mondays don't have. sunday nights. sunday nights are like everyone else's laid back saturday nights. no shows to go to or art exhibits opening; but movies to go see, and restaurants to relax in (where there aren't any screaming babies to deter the dining experience) or long drives to the coast etc. it's a decent trade though i would love to exist some time in my life where my fridays are other people's fridays too (and mondays are plain ole mondays too).

anyway, it's friday if ya haven't guessed and i'm sitting at the kitchen island at the chateau drinking a remarkably bad batch of coffee (worst i've ever made. it's like i forgot how to make it completely. dishwater. ew.). of course i slept late again. little bud slept late too which was so nice. we had quite the mama-baby snuggle this morning. it's been a while. i guess he and i both have been a little prickly lately. oh but snuggle we did. it was lovely.

last night i went out with my scorpio friend (who i never seem to see anymore). we went to a poetry open mic night down at the local art park. we sat beneath live oaks and pines that were draped in twinkle lights like strands of pearls on a little girl playing dress-up; we drank our respective beverages...and heard no poetry, or singing for that matter, at all. not one person got up there until we left. hilarious! we had a great chat though and she chauffeured me around town in her new car.

let me take a second and give her major props. she had a terrible hardcore fear of driving. she didn't get her license until she was 30 years old. she worked really hard to overcome this fear and it was so awesome to see her taking it on and taking to it quite nicely. kudos, friend!

after that i met up with one of my gal pals and her bro and a bunch of her colleagues and sat outside listening to music under the stars. i stayed out a hair too late but that's okay. i had quite the time.

now, i'm scurrying to shower, dress, and make it to work on time. wish me luck, friends! happy second thursday to you! ha!

adieu for now,
p.s. oh, and as for the title of this post, i actually did wake up naming off the titles of ernest hemingway books.

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Susanne said...

Lucy , you are such a light that shines ! xxoo