Monday, April 19, 2010

sunday night horror flick

good morning! 'tis monday and i'm happily recovering from the festival weekend and the funsies i enjoyed last night. if i had had more energy i would have been at the college radio station last night with my bud but couldn't quite do it. instead i ate mexicanish food with a pal i don't normally get to see, met up with my parents for a minute, then met up with a gal pal and a fauxbook friend for liter night at the pub. quite enjoyable. then i tucked my little behind into bed and dreamed the most bizarre, epic, frightening zombie dream.
in it i was living somewhere on long island i think with my boyfriend (who in my dream is a random acquaintance of mine in real life who i ran into this weekend). in it, there's an epidemic infection basically that's causing everyone to turn into zombies. i'm not sure you know this about me but i am terrified of zombies. truly. i can't watch the movies yadda yadda yadda. the concept of zombies totally freaks me out.
well, so in the dream they were kind of zombies. they aren't eating people at this point but they have this maniacal look in their eyes and their mouths are stained this weird blue and red like they got punched in the face and then bled everywhere. weird. they scurry about like zombies in movies and grab people and infect them and...well, it's quite frightening.
but me and my boyfriend figure out at a kid's birthday party (nothing scarier than zombie kids!) that insulting infected people brings them out of the maniacal stupor. we learn this not from insulting children but by hearing them fighting over toys at the party. anyway, if insulted, they slowly emerge out of the infectious fog basically.
thus begins the quest and here we are running through all of new york city screaming horrible things to people with blue and blood stained faces. some too graphic and/or cruel to mention on here, but also things like "get away from me you buttface bluehair!" (that was to a little old lady by the way. at first she laughed this demonic laugh; then i said something more cruel and she snapped out of it and i pushed her out of the way...i told you it was a weird dream).
aaaanyway, my dream was playing out like a film so it fades in to a few months later and the city of new york has given me and the boyfriend a saweeeeet apartment above a badass shop of my own in a cool, funky neighbourhood as thank you for saving the city of new york. the boyfriend has become a firefighter and life is good. peaceful. i think it was autumn too (happy time for me).
one night i am out at a beauty supply shop around the corner helping my friend with her kid's birthday party favours; and i am telling her all about how much i love my boyfriend and how wonderful things are...then i get this crazy tingle on the back of my neck (which is always what happens to me when i get frightenend in real life). i look around and say to my friend "oh no. it's come back".
the infectious disease has come back and people are scrambling everywhere. i cut through a cemetary and there's the little buttface bluehair standing in a pale blue chambray shirtdress with her arms folded and grinning like the cheshire cat with the gnarly stained face. creepy, man.
i make it back to the sweet apartment and boyfriend is coming down the stairs putting on his firefighter gear. we have a moment of bizarre peace as if nothing bad is going on around us because it hasn't reached us yet; and we knew we'd made it through before and we could do it again.
it was a really awesome "partnership" moment...until after proclaiming our love to each other, i ask him to marry me when this is all over and he says...and i quote "no! whatdya think about that?! but here are your keys."; he emits a disturbing cackle of sorts, and runs away into a field of tall sea grass (like in that movie, field of dreams). i look up at my sweet apartment, listen to the commotion of the mass hysteria moving closer to my borough, my pretty shop window, the field of grass to my left, our car to my right, i sigh and wake up.
now i'm in a funny mood AND my horoscope this morning was all about partnership and rising to a occasion together; making sure i don't think i'm more important than anyone else. totally weird right? i think so. the dream and the horoscope.
okay, well that's the most interesting thing happening with me today. i'm going to clean the chateau and get some stuff done before starting my work week tomorrow.
i hope your day is nice and mellow, friends... and that no zombies attack you.
adieu for now,

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