Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the littlest post of all

late post. not much going on today other than me swimming around in my head, thinking a lot. i've been counting my blessings a lot too. and i have a-plenty of blessings to count. thank you to my wonderful, loving friends and family out there who get me, or want to at least. it's pretty rad. much love!

adieu for now, my jam jams is calling me and the little buddy needs some attention.



Susanne said...

hey littlest post - enjoyed seeing you last nite , sorry for any bah humbug you may have experienced . What do yu think about inviting B to the weekend in apalach . I haven't mentioned to him yet and if you don't want to it is between you and me . He is so down and I don't know how to get him in a better place . Let me know , yes would be fine , no would be fine .xo

lulu said...

that'd be fun as long as we get some mama daughter stroll time at some point, i'd love to have b there!