Tuesday, April 13, 2010

well, good morning crazypants!

what is up with me lately? i think there is a crazy, self-destructive lady who looks just like me that knocks me unconscious every so often and poses as me to ruin every good thing i've got going. it's that or...im just nuts.
i'm angry at the world today and angry with myself. my mind hath taken off without me and the calm, lovely fresh-of-face gal i was enjoying being has been replaced this week with a neurotic, asshole version of me. ew. no fun at all and no one's fault but my own. the nice girl is inside making a racket to get out but the angry one won't let her yet. it's going to be a long day. a long day and i haven't slept well in three or four. oi.
there is an odd cycle happening in my head right now that i have experienced before and managed to escape (within an inch of my life, mind you). i have to break the cycle now or i will be consumed by it and never be able to escape again. no time like the present, right? right!
adieu for now, kiddos. hang in there with me if you've been experiencing the neurotic asshole version of me lately. i'm about to kick her ass. it's what any nice girl would do i think.


Susanne said...

Don't be so hard on crazypants , she needs to say something . xxxooo

lulu said...

hahahaha! thanks mama. family dinner helped last night. i love you and i love my new sarong!