Monday, April 5, 2010

camera 1, camera 2

good afternoon, campers. 'tis monday and despite my inflamed glands and turkey timer of a lymph node, i'm doing quite well. ew. i should probably not begin my post with whatever. i can say anything i want on here. anyway, just about anything compared to how i felt the past few days is an improvement. so there. i'm totally doing the running-man because of my improved state...ahem...

i've spent most of the day cleaning/resting and i'm rather stoked at the progress i have made. it's good for the psyche and my psyche needed a band-aid. the weather is unseasonably warm today. while some people are stoked, i'm wondering where spring has gone. isn't it supposed to stay lovely for a few weeks before we start sweating? bring on the breezes, baby.

well, i'm in a better place physically, mentally. my head doesn't feel as foggy though i have gotten nothing of substance accomplished. oh! except for getting a decent jump on gathering items for the big yard sale i mentioned i wanted to have. that feels good. i like that little tinge of excitement one gets when the ball starts rolling, so to speak.

i'm making a point to really enjoy this one beautiful day off because work starts back up tomorrow and my weekend was, sadly just a series of woozy flashes interrupted only by frequent restless naps, chronic pain, and mystifying nausea. so, here i go, trying to heal and be positive!
adieu for now, my darlings!

*today's pictures: startled by the realization that the unbelievable sinus pressure behind my left eye has made it look slightly wonky...i decided to take pictures of both sides of my face to see just how demonstrably different they may be. and no, i have no qualms admitting the weird stuff i do when i'm by myself. y'all do weird stuff too, you just don't admit it on a semi-public forum. here's to being human! xo

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Susanne said...

I love that you notice things like jelly bean fatalities ! by the way honey , you did not disapoint me . You are one of the sweetest people I know and you do not disapoint !I am looking at a little apartment in Apalach for the week end of mothers day , is that ok, or do you want to do something different. The beach sounds really good one day . xxoo