Saturday, April 24, 2010

senorita sabado

hello kiddies. 'tis saturday and it is my favourite type of weather. dark and rainy. i hope it stays like this all day and evening because this little mama is going to crawl into a hot bath and read and drink some wine when she gets off work today. i am feeling rather good. strong. confident. impatient (heh. nothing different about that though i reckon).

last night was interesting. i watched a movie with a friend; then after a mildly annoying incident i found myself at an old favourite watering hole of mine where i ran into one of my favourite people, two of my previous neighbours and a couple of newbies whom i found to be delightfully entertaining. i drank bubbly shiraz, laughed inappropriately loud and then took my little behind home and went to bed. it was very nice indeed. a chill friday (or second thursday if you read yesterday's post).
well, that's all that's really happening with me right now. a pleasant longing for peace, a sense of power and strength, a really cute outfit and a mere five hours until i get to go home and begin my weekend.
i hope your saturday is wonderful (cozy too).
adieu for now,
*right pic: last night at my friend's house.
*bottom pic: the bouquet my roomie made from her garden yesterday. so pretty. such a ray of sunshine, that gal.


Susanne said...

You look really pretty honey . Lydia's house looks really cool, gorgeous flowers . I have sinus infection so I am down , b is taking good care of me .xxxooo

lulu said...

i'm so sorry your sick mama! is there anything you need?