Friday, April 30, 2010

31 hours 'til my 32 hour weekend!

gooooooood mornin' friends. what it is? 'tis friday and i woke up in a great mood. i mean, it's been a while since i bounded out of bed and skipped into the kitchen to start my day. lately i've been grumbling and shuffling and moving slower than molasses in january. another great phone conversation last night before bed probably helped. touching base with people that have something to say is a pleasant and refreshing change. texted back and forth with my gal in brooklyn last night which helped a great deal too.
i've been methodically hitting every location that i have associated with the people that i no longer get to see (and actually miss), so that i can replace sad and/or melancholy memories with happy happy ones. it's working, though it takes a great deal of effort and often guarantees a few down moments as the band-aid gets ripped off. tough broad, party of one!

well, i am so incredibly ready for the weekend. i work today and tomorrow with sunday off. but homeskillet is ready for some good times. i have been busy, pensive, and quite distracted this week; and i will have to do some stealthy maneuvers to avoid awkward run-ins considering that everyone and their mother will be in town this weekend ('s graduation weekend).
but i'm nothing if not an accomplished master of disguise and circumvention.

you totally pictured me twirling my mustache, swooshing my cape and disappearing behind a corner just now didn't you? you have.

adieu for now, darlings.

today's pic: proof that roo the wild cat lurves lu the...puma? tigress? bobcat? bah. proof that roo loves lu, how 'bout that?

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