Sunday, April 11, 2010

much ado

sundays rock don't they? it is a beautiful day here in tally. and i mean gorgeous! been talking about hitting the coast with my lady friend today though we have already gotten a rather late start to the day (thanks to our respective long and fun saturday nights out). perhaps i can talk her into lounging at the park instead. i just want to be outside. i'm not particular about where.
i'm still in a funny head space and was surprisingly (and temporarily) pulled out of it last night by a band of very amusing people. however, i do feel that tinge of the "over-do" on the back of my neck, so i know i need to be vigilant in taking alone time when i need it to prevent my not-so-spontaneous combustion.
well, this is me today. i hope you are having a beautiful, relaxing sunday kiddos! pictures to come...
adieu for now,

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