Friday, May 21, 2010

an arm-stretcher

alright alright, friends. 'tis friday. i'm starting to get back in the proper swing of things. i'm really wanting to do something creative this weekend and feel a trip to the craft store would do me right. i want some canvases for an art project i have no idea how to make but want to attempt. something collage-style using some photographs i took this weekend and mixing it with some found word pieces (old letters, random lists i've found and kept for some weird reason, old fortunes from delicious fortune cookies, yadda yadda yadda). i'm going to figure out how to make something pretty out of all my shtuff. that'd be a good sunday funday project...hmmmm. sunday funday is rapidly filling up with many fun chores actually. brunch with a friend, da pub with a few more (in the evening, of course)...and now an arty project. ooooh, that's exciting.
tonight i have thai dinner. i've had a massive hankerin' for cashew chicken lately. i can almost taste it right now (and it goes surprisingly well with coffee and bacon...*gag*). tomorrow i have the earliest haircut appointment known to man and am debating doing something drastic and donating my hair to either locks of love or the oil spill cleanup. y'all wouldn't mind me sinead o'connoring it for a while would you? i think it'd be cute. i could wear little bows and stuff like a toddler. it would however, emphasize how tiny my little ole noggin actually is. i'd look like a pinhead from those old sideshow freak photographs. heh. whatevs. my hair would grow back. we'll see with my hairstylist will say. she's hilarious about giving me her REAL opinion to my ideas. por ejemplo the only time i've ever considered colouring my hair (yes it is virgin hair which still surprises people for some reason):

L: i'm thinking about going red even though i've never dyed my hair before.
M: red?
L: yeah, what do you think?
M: no.
L: but...
M: no.
L: not even like some highlights or something?
M: no. you can't do red.

ahahahaha! i love her and have never dyed my hair even though other suggestions were made after that. when i mentioned this drastic haircut idea to her a few months ago she nearly slapped me on the back of the head. hilarious! can't wait to see her tomorrow. we always have a fine time catching up and making each other giggle like kids in class.
aaanyway, this is where my head be at today. where your head be at?
enjoy this beautiful weather, and another day on this little blue ball. love to all! (heh. i made a rhyme)
adieu for now,

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