Monday, May 17, 2010

home and chillin'

wowsa. good afternoon friends! i'm back at the chateau after a fun-filled weekend at the beach and out in the woods. i am so grateful for my day off that i am going to wring every last drop of awesome enjoyment out of it that i can. i played frisbee, played in the sand, went swimming in the country, sang super loudly to cd's in the car; and am now enjoying my mac & cheese, half-listening to the weather channel in the background (storm stories) and am happily ensconced in chill-out mode.
i see tubby time in my future, and perhaps the pool too. probably in a different order though. it's beginning to get so hot already that the only things that sound good are water and more water. i surely hope your respective weekends have been tremendously fun and that your mondays are painless. i have a heart filled with happiness and a pleasantly wandering mind. love to you wonderful people who take a moment and check in with me. it's so nice to have y'all to talk to. heh. i'm kind of attached to writing this thing every day.
adieu for now,

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