Monday, May 3, 2010

busy mind

good morning, campers. 'tis monday and i am more than ill-prepared to have my work week starting again so soon. one day off doesn't do it, man. i had a terribly enjoyable night last night. porchin' it with a ladyfriend listening to kitty wells and loretta lynn, then getting schmancy and going to an art film screening with another friend. fun stuff.
meanwhile, i woke up to the horrible realization that the city i was born in and love is under water. it's frightening. i've checked with my family up there and they are safe at the moment, so that makes me feel a little better. but people are dying and the river keeps rising. it has turned into a pretty epic, awful thing. keep that situation in your thoughts and prayers, folks.
on another note, the oil spill. the infuriating, devastating shitstorm of an oil spill. i've already filled out my volunteer application with the audubon society. thinking about what this is going to do to the wildlife has had me nearly in tears and hyperventilating for a week now. the 14 sea turtles that washed up dead yesterday breaks my heart. this is unbelievably bad. if you are interested in helping (and if you live near or love the coast, or you simply care that entire clusters of wildlife are being horribly threatened you should be) go to or . our beautiful wildlife is at terrible immediate and long-term risk.
i'm terribly bothered and saddened by these disasters. i had them on the backburner of my mind for a few days (selfishly) but i can't ignore them any more. i am, however, refusing to feel as if my hands are tied. i'm going to do whatever i can to help. and so are a lot of people i know in town. that makes me feel a little better.
well, friends. i must get ready for work. *sigh* my mind is all over the place this morning. sheeeesh. oh, and i'll have a picture posted either tonight or tomorrow. my camera battery is dead after the awesomesauce porch time with my lady friend yesterday.
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

what a great cause lu, those animals are innocent victims of man's stupidity . carry on .xxoo

lulu said...

thanks mama. love you!