Sunday, May 23, 2010

what to do

oh yeah. thank goodness it is sunday. i will be at work again tomorrow, having worked yesterday and as per usual am trying not to be overwhelmed or overstimulated or burned out...though we all know better. *sigh* the optimism will prevail, me hopes.
yesterday, i had a moment that confirmed everything that has been going on in my head in regard to a particularly troubling, and intentionally vague situation. i have to admit...the door has been slammed shut and bolted in regard to it. it saddens me but inspires me as well to keep the positive changes a-comin'!

on a far more pleasant note, i went home after said situation and challenged myself to swim 25 full laps in the chateau pool. i succeeded (but it took me a bit, for i am OUT OF SHAPE) and then i did a bonus 3 laps because i'm OCD and wanted to swim as many laps as years i have lived. i know i'm odd, but so is everyone else. i simply delight in discussing it.

as further reward to myself for having made healthier choices (emotionally, physically etc.) this week, i took myself on a date last night (i was inspired to do so by my In Search of Simple bloggygalpal). i went to the craft store looking for supplies for that project i mentioned the other day (to no avail. jo-anne's fabrcis/crafts suck by the way); treated myself to a brooklyn lager at my favourite watering hole (where i met several people and had fun conversations, you know i love that!), and took myself to go see BABIES at miracle theatre.

i loved it. such a sweet, cool, beautifully shot look at how these 4 babies experienced the world for the first year of their lives. really interesting. you know sociological things like that just enthrall me, plus i like making grabby hands at chubby babies.

i came home, had a sweet conversation with a friend then, proceeded to pass out. lately, i have been talking in my sleep alot which is hilarious to me. i always have talked in my sleep but this week i have woken (that doesn't seem like the right word) myself up several times doing so; each time waking up holding my cell phone to my face gabbing away to no one. ridiculous!

today i should tackle the closet at the chateau. i don't want to though. it's horrible. it's a disaster. ugh. i will probably hit up the other craft store in town instead and see if i can find the goodies i seek. then i have a work thing tonight (three year anniversary with the shop), and hopefully some quality time with some sweet folks i haven't seen in nearly two weeks tonight at leon.

oh, follow the rabbit trail on this one...if you know me then you know i l-l-l-love dolly parton. there are many reasons for that but simply that she's the most successful and prolific female songwriter of all time should tide y'all over as a reason for the admiration. anyway, dolly has changed her entire website to benefit the nashville flood victims. so please visit , watch her video, and make a donation (no matter how small). i grew up down here in tally, and up there in nash. now both areas are affected by horrible disasters. i don't know what else i can say or do to ignite support for our beautiful gulf coastal regions at the moment other than to urge you to volunteer to aid the clean-up (and protest BP); but i can do this for nashville this morning.

much love to you, my sweet friends. thank you for checking in with me. oh! and if anyone wants to be my 17th blog follower, please do so. my OCD has me hoping for one follower for every month i write my blog and i'm nearly done with my 17th month and only have 16 followers! ha!
love love love, enjoy your day!
adieu for now,
top: friday night thai dinner. oh cashew chicken. deeeelicious!
middle: frustrated in the parking lot of the crafts store, saturday.
bottom: the early morning light in the hallway. pretty much the first thing i saw this morning (after seven's little button nose, of course). lovely, no?

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