Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bacon, n'awlins, and a pedicure

happy tuesday, fellers! i'm up and about, being productive. i walked two miles this morning. not a huge deal to all my rad athletical friends (yes i know that isn't a word), but it's worthy of a little horn-tootin' to me who has been rather lackadaisical about my health for quite some time now.

i had a fun night with girly friends last night. i had anticipated a quiet night in, a movie maybe, and some cleaning. instead i had two young lovelies come over and gab for hours. it was sweet, girly good times. it's kind of nice to be big sisterish sometimes.

right now i'm sitting in front of a plate of turkey bacon, wishing it was a cabo blt from canopy roads (may have to make an early morning of it and head over there tomorrow or thursday). when those hankerin's roll around there isn't much i can do about it but submit.

i'm heading over to mississippi thursday night for a show and to meet up with some wonderful people. then making my way over to new orleans on friday. i'm excited. i haven't been in 6 years!

this week is full of preparations. superlube, pedicure (a treat for myself), finding a new weekender suitcase because a friend destroyed mine without replacing it last year. i also HAVE to clean the chateau because people are staying in it this weekend, then i have to get little buddy ready to go visit his dad. an experience that, though helpful when i leave town, always ends up stressing me out. partly because i miss him, and partly because it's hard to let go of him and trust that he'll get enough attention and play time etc. i know! i'm a ridiculous worry-wort puppums mama. that's just how i roll, though folks.

well, i reckon i'll get ready for work. i hope your tuesdays are wonderful!

adieu for now,

*today's picture: post early-morning walk out in the backyard watching seven show off how fast he can run for mama. cuuuteness.

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