Sunday, May 2, 2010

a fine day to be privy to

a beautiful, cloudy, windy sunday for lu. yay! you know it's my favourite weather and you know since it's my beloved day off that i am determined to enjoy it. last night i didn't do a bloody thing but lay in bed, talk on the phone with funny, wonderful people and listen to music. it was rad rad rad.

there was not a damn thing that could have gotten me out of bed aside from some gorgeous man waving a pint of half baked ice cream in front of my face. i'm not sure that would have done it either, honestly. but i was happy to stay home and avoid the inevitable fray in town this weekend. me no likey crowds and there were a buttload of people in town for graduation. *shudder*

today i have a lot of things i should be getting done, but i'm not worried about them. i am sipping coffee, watching the affects the wind on the spanish moss hanging from the oak in the yard. i'm working on mixes for friends and my mama, and feeling very proud of myself for saying some things i needed to say last night.

i literally could sit down with a pound of dark chocolate and hallmark movies and cry my way through the magnificent hormone festival i have found myself in; and honestly, i wouldn't put it past me except it would be ridiculous and i'd rather hang out with my gf and laughing, be eating a cabo blt from my favourite diner and bouncin' around to the new music i got last night. broads, bacon & bouncin' win every time.

adieu for now, lovies.
*today's pic: top 'o the eyebrow to ya!


Susanne said...

Hey honey , I am glad you have had a good weekend . sleep is vewy vewy impt. to us foster gurls.xxoo

lulu said...

ain't that the troof?!