Saturday, May 8, 2010

weekends with mama

hello kiddies. 'tis saturday (my bk gal pal's 29th birfday...wish i was celebratin' up there with you ladybug!!) and i'm off to apalachicola for some awesome mama-daughter time. i am very much looking forward to the Q time, shuffling through the town, drinking coffee, and altogether being girly with my mama. i probably won't be able to post while i'm over there, and i will have pictures from thursday-monday by the time i get back. hopefully this tickle in my throat is just allergies and not the plague that has been haunting me since february (though that is totally what it feels like...i do not want to be sick AGAIN).
so, friends, enjoy your weekend. give yer mama a call or go hug her neck. love to all!
adieu for now,


Susanne said...

had fun buns , your a great daughter and you are loved!xxoo

lulu said...

you are a wonderful mother and i'm grateful for you. had a fabulous time in apalach with you!