Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hello muddah...

g'mornin'. 'tis tuesday. i spent most of the evening cleaning the chateau last night; well, after having had a lovely dinner with my twinsie...then i went home and cleaned. the chateau looks great! i rearranged some artwork and furniture. now i have a little t.v. area and a reading nook. i want to do something different with my bed but i think i'll just leave it where it is for now. when it comes to rearranging and redecorating, i have to say i come by it honestly. my mom and i share this hobby/addiction.
waking up on saturday mornings as a kid, there was a darn good chance the living room would have a new configuration. the sofa would be on it's back and my mom would be toolin' away with a staple gun like a mechanic on an old chevy. there would be squares of paint samples painted on a wall and fabric draped across this or that. i love it. we always tease her a little about it but i'm the exact same way.
it clears the psyche and represents for us, where we are at the time. the funky little shack was always cluttured. i liked it though because i needed the nesty comfort of a house stacked to the brim. it was my first nest, you know? the chateau is different. it still has a lot in it (a kajillion art prints here and there) but it's clearer. less clutter. less furniture, fewer tchotchkes. i do love a tchotchke though, friends lemme tell ya.
ha! so, thank you mom for the quirky things we share. i wouldn't have it any other way. love you!
love to you, my friends, as well. enjoy this day!

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Susanne said...

thank you , I like to think we have raised puttering to new heights . It is the art of puttering ! Glad I could pass something on that had meaning !xxoo