Thursday, May 20, 2010

npr's & frisbees

good morning kiddos! 'tis thursday and i'm catching up on NPR's song of the day(s)...songs of the day? i never know how to pluralize things like that. aaaanyway, i'm catching up, eating breakfast, chugging coffee, and reviewing a few days worth of photographs before posting them on this here postey place.
it's a lovely overcast day. days like this always put me in a good mood. a good night's rest, a series of hilarious phone conversations, and an early morning have partnered together to make that heavy mood i was in yesterday weigh quite a bit less.
i've been rather out of tune the past few days. my mind has been elsewhere, my memory has been spotty to say the least, and i simply haven't been myself. no worries though, that problem-solving minx that was kickin' around a week or so ago is back and feeling rather revitalized.
i woke up this morning about an hour earlier than usual and was filled with the desire to break out the olivetti (i haven't written anything on it in months), as well as go for a swim. creativity and action were the dominate forces in my mind first thing in the morning? that's awesome! i encourage it and am determined to nourish those inklings. i need them. if only i had someone to play frisbee with me today after work. i've been in a frisbee-playing mood for about a week. not sure what that's about except i have some kind of energy trying to be released apparantly.
well, i reckon i better refill this coffee cup and get to gettin'. here's a song that i've been enjoying this morning, a tribute to one of my favourite singer/songwriters, elliott smith who has been gone from this world for an unbelievable seven years now. enjoy.

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