Thursday, May 27, 2010

the longest 14 hours ever!

well, it's thursday. i had a long night of f-f-f-fun last night and am paying the price today but it's all good. it's nothing a little water and some mac 'n cheese won't cure. heh. this morning i have to pack my bag and do a quick clean of the chateau before i head to work. on my lunch break i have to run the last minute errands everyone has to run before leaving town. bank, superlube, etc. then at 5:30 today, i'm hitting the road and am so very excited about it. i'm very much looking forward to good times, good food, and great people. i'm hoping to post a few times while i'm over there, but i can't make any guarantees. okeedokee friends, i'm off to be productive. i hope you have an awesome thursday, and an even better weekend.
adieu for now,

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