Thursday, May 13, 2010

mornings at the speed of light

how do, friends? 'tis thursday, methinks. i've had a good week, finally getting over the cold. enjoying the company of friends. gearing up for three more days of work before the weekend begins for me. having some cell phone issues, so i apologize to those of you out there who are experiencing the affects of it.
last night i went to clusters & hops. i haven't been there in so long. maybe a year? and i got their "crack-in-a-crock" macaroni & cheese with truffle oil yadda yadda. goooooooood grief. it was delicious. i woke up this morning ready to have it for breakfast. well, anything for breakfast would be awesome right now because i haven't gone to the grocery store in over a week!
once again i find that my morning has fizzled away before me and i must begin getting ready for work before i actually say anything of substance on this little ole blog.
but in all honesty, my head is in a funny, problem-solving mode right now and i don't have much to say that i haven't already in one post or another. i've, of course, been thinking a lot. rather inspired as well. trying to hold on to it and not let it disintigrate like my beautiful morning time has a tendency to do.
more to come, lovies!

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