Monday, May 10, 2010


well, i did it. i bought myself a spiffy new camera, and have found pictures from thursday-sunday as part of the 365 i've been working on. not having a camera or pics to post during this week has been really frustrating. i didn't know how hooked on my little experiment i really was. anyway, i went to the beach with mama, the pictures from that trip won't be posted for a while, i have to get them developed (old school!). so here is what i do have...
thursday night...lee's, sparkling shiraz, awesome company.
i didn't actually see the majesty of the vanagon firsthand, but mississippi sent it to me and it made me happy so i decided to make it my picture for the day for the blog at least.
lu driving to the beach to see her mama. great food, tons of laughs, music, and wine. awesome.
top pic: playing with my new camera and resting since what? that's right, since i got sick again. it's just a cold, but dammit! i don't like it.

more to come, kiddos. adieu for now!


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Susanne said...

what kind of camera did you end up getting? You will have so much fun !hugs and xx