Tuesday, May 11, 2010

everywhere but here

good morning kiddies. 'tis tuesday and i spent nearly all day in bed just resting and toolin' around on the interwebs, having tubby time, making cd mixes, and talking on the telephone. it was a much needed day of lounging, for i have been a tad overstimulated lately.

i still have the sniffles but i'm doing alright. lots o' water, emergen-C, miso yadda yadda yadda.

today i'm back work, sans-coffee and sans-belt (my britches keep falling down!) but in a pretty decent head space. i'm thinking a lot about moving, perhaps going back to school (oi!), and what kind of job i want to look for wherever i may go... i am leaning toward one city in particular but i'm keeping my trap shut for now and going to let my gut keep directing me.

the biggest thing i have to get done before i leave ole tally is get every damn tooth in my head fixed. it's so daunting thinking about how much i have to have done and how much it's going to hurt that i haven't made any progress in getting it over with. typical lu. i'm on it though. begrudgingly calling the dentist to see if there is any space left in his busy schedule to give me a new head o' teef. heh. ish kabibble. i'm in a silly, rather scattered mood today. oh, just saying "scattered" made me want a big pile of hash browns from the waffle house. that sounds amazing! guess who didn't have breakfast this morning either? i know, right?! i rarely ever go without breakfast but it was out of my hands this morning. *sigh* hashbrownnnsssssss.

adieu for now, my darlings.


top pic: talkin' on the phone on ma day off.
bottom pic: playin' wif my new camera at work this morning.

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Anachnoristic Outlook said...

I like your pirate finger. ARgh.