Saturday, May 15, 2010


good morning friends! 'tis saturday and i have but a moment before scurrying off to work to say a little howdy and drop off the pictures i neglected to post yesterday. i slept decedantly late this morning and am currently typing furiously with a towel-turban on my head. last night i thoroughly enjoyed my night in. two telephonic base-touchings did me right, as did the cheap champagne i bought for myself, and the company of V who let me play her music and make mix CD's for her for hours. i'm beyond giddy that my weekend will be beginning in a matter of hours and i will be heading to the beach. i am not giddy however, that i now have to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off so i can make it in to work on time. love to you all! more to come, i promise!
adieu for now,
lu yesterday at the shop. not an interesting picture or anything but there ya have it.
thursday night heading to a benefit for nashville flood relief. fun was had, money was donated.

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Anachnoristic Outlook said...

Me likey your new camera, and both these pictures. You're beatiful!

P.s. I feel like I read your blog like I watch tv shows. I accumulate them on my DVR and then devour them all at once like I do packages of double-stuffed oreos; I really do enjoy reading your musings, they make me think in poetry - which is nice :) Anyway, I am sorry that I am not ever up to date on what you post, but I do read them all at some point. I am here to travel the road with you, my friend.