Friday, May 21, 2010

friday post part deux

so, i have been off-kilter in my photo-distribution lately. but here are two days worth of pictures to coincide with the long, silly ramble i just posted. i hope you enjoy! last night, playing with the new camera in the bathroom of lee's wine bar. i love the lights and the mirrors. it feels like you're underwater or something. soooo...there's that.
and this was wednesday at the shop. you see how long and scraggly my hairs is? little miss thing needs that super early haircut tomorrow. maybe i should just stay up all night so i'll be sure to make it there by the crack o' dawn. ha! all y'all who know me, know i can't do that. lu needs her sleep or she becomes quite atrocious indeed (and speaks in third person apparantly).
adieu lovies!

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