Thursday, May 6, 2010


good morning friends! 'tis thursday and whoo! did i have a fun cinco de mayo. it's been a busy week with friends coming into town, and preparing to leave town this weekend for some mother-daughter happy time. but i'm doing really well and having tons o' fun.
tonight i plan on having dinner and wine with my friend, mississip. maybe stroll around lake ella because it's nice out and the skeeters ain't bitin' quite yet.
my camera is being whackadoodle again and may need to be replaced soon. so no picture today, but i will post them tomorrow. in the meantime i will be fantasizing about which little camera i will get...this little nerd wants to run out and get an issue of consumer reports and read up on all the specs. heh. i'm just like my dad in that sense. isn't it funny when you see little things you do that are exactly like something your parents do? i take a great deal of enjoyment out of that. sometimes. sometimes i'm just surprised at what little genetic and personality traits that are present. heh.
enough for now. i must do the work thing. i hope you are enjoying your day lovelies!

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