Monday, May 24, 2010

monday funday

good morning, friends. 'tis monday and i got very little sleep last night. i went to bed at a decent hour, i simply couldn't stay asleep. i had fitful, frustrating dreams filled with people i am not keen on. i was awake for waaaaay too long at around 4 this morning and by the time 7 rolled around i may as well not have gone to bed at all. but surprisingly, i'm not grumpy (wonder of all wonders!). having returned to my previously healthy lifestyle, i feel better when i wake up. yesterday i attempted yoga, took a nice mile-long walk through the neighbourhood (would have been longer but it gets too dang hot too quickly in the morning), then swam 10 full laps in the pool. the little successes encourage me to make more. this morning i think i'm going to attempt yoga again. wowsa. want a reminder of just how unflexible you are? jump right back into a yoga routine after 6+ months off. whew!

anyway, i am heading off to work in about an hour; in the meantime i'm already fantasizing about what i'm going to do with myself tonight. i really do need to do some organizing. i think i'll start with the financial section of the chateau (feng shui) which is currently a bizarro mish-mash stack o' random including (but not limited to): my travel guitar which needs to have a string changed but since i haven't been practicing and haven't changed the strings on anything in five years, i don't want to do it in case i do it incorrectly. my yoga mat, my olivetti typewriter (thing of beauty), two gigantic straw sunhats, three pairs of scissors, hundreds of coloured pencils/markers, a handbag with a broken handle, a random wooden shelf sitting in a random basket, two bottles of wine, 7 or so vinyl records, a copier/printer, a red santa claus t-shirt, and an orange tennis ball. heh. that reminds me, i need to have that yard sale soon. maybe the end of june...

i think tonight i will take another walk and swim a few laps if i'm not too tired by the time i get off of work. i have a lot of practical things to do which makes me want to go hula hoop in the yard and run around with sparklers instead. i'm such a little kid sometimes. ooooh, and now i have to find some sparklers because that, though intended to be funny, is a GREAT idea. fun fun fun!!

alright, darlings...i must be off to get ready for work. i hope your mondays are full of fun ideas as well.

adieu for now,

*my bosses gave me flowers last night. these are them this morning. pretty no?


Susanne said...

very pretty flowers , how nice ! hope you are good sweetie . I had a hard time sleeping too, is there a full moon ? xxxooo

lulu said...

i don't know. it's quite possible though. see ya tonight for family dinner! love you!