Friday, May 14, 2010

majorette leadin' the parade o' good vibes

how do, kiddies? 'tis friday and i am in the best mood. only a day and a half left of work before the weekend begins, and i have a mind full of exciting ideas. the left hemisphere of my brain is firing at the same speed as my right it seems, and it has me feeling like i can take on the world... or at least my world (which is a nice change from how i have been feeling over the past few months).
tonight i plan on having one of my lu fridays at home. i love those fridays. where i take an obscenely long bath, listen to music, problem-solve, organize (if'n so inclined), go to bed earlyish and wake up on saturday feeling fabulous.
i've been missing my bk gal pal a lot lately. i get to see her soon enough but it sure would be nice to get a little bestie fix face-to-face to make this good day even better. well, like i said, soon enough! i'm crossing the days off of my calendar like a little kid waiting for summer vacation to start. i know she is too.
well, darlins...i best get to gettin'. i hope your friday is everything you need or want it to be after a long week. salut!
adieu for now,

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