Saturday, May 22, 2010


whew! i got off to a slightly shakey start this morning. hairdo and slow saturday at work aside, i'm doing a little better and am really looking forward to having a night to myself tonight. i'm thinking dinner, movie, tubby time (what else is new there?), and perhaps some cleaning of the chateau.
speaking of which, i rearranged the chateau last night. i've been wanting to do that for about a month and a half now and i like what i've done. i brought in two sale rugs from the store that i think i'm going to get (so much for the budget...sheeeeeesh), and am going to do some feng shui once again. it's been quite some time since i focused on that and it did wonders at the funky little shack. the only thing i can't seem to figure out is how to keep seven from destroying it all and getting everything super dirty. i think he manifests dirt with his mind sometimes. he's lucky he's so cute, i tell ya.
anyway, i had a nice, quiet friday. had thai dinner and drinks at fermentation. then i went home and cleaned, rocked my jam jams, and slept hard. i hope your weekends are going wonderfully. mine starts in three hours, baby.
adieu for now, lovelies.

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