Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lu & roo & errands too!

good morning kiddies. 'tis wednesday and i've got a short at-home morning ahead of me due to some errands that must be taken care of. i had a great family dinner last night. one of my favourites. lots of talking and visiting and and sitting outside.
i'm in a pretty decent mood this morning even though the excitement for my trip to mississippi/nola has me on edge and wishing the day would go by a little more quickly. i've got roo, my roomie's cat who is usually quite standoffish (but seems to like me for some reason) hanging out with me this morning. she's rubbing her noggin on my laptop and it's quite cute.
she is my secret kittums friend. i try to sneak pictures of her being my little bud inthe mornings because no one believes me but of course, my camera battery is charging this morning and she's looking up at me with these giant eyes and it's adorable.
aaaanyway, tonight i have just as busy of a schedule as i do this morning. i need to drop seven off at his dad's, visit on the porch with my ladyfriend (it's a necessity to make time for things like that!), clean, pack, and run a few more errands. sheeesh. when i get to mississippi thursday night, i may just fall asleep at the show. i'm so excited though, that i'm sure i'll be running on adrenaline (and gallons of coffee) and will have no trouble staying awake.
today is lovely. cloudless. it's going to be a hot one. perhaps i'll swim laps after work. i haven't done laps since sunday or monday and haven't had time this morning to do the 3 miles i was hoping to do. oh well, i won't beat myself up about it, as long as i do a little something; it's better than nothing, right?
well, as i mentioned, the camera battery is charging this morning, so no pictures to post, but i'll have some tonight or tomorrow. even if they're not of the elusive lu & roo morning duo.
and again...if you want to be my 17th blog follower, please do! i know a lot of you read this regularly but you don't officially follow it, but help a sister out! heh. que ridiculo.
adieu for now,

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