Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lu & the rain dancers

happy wednesday friends. i had a long, weird day yesterday. i slept hard last night (so hard i lost my right contact...). a lot of thinky stuff. some unfortunate social stuff, and a hard rain created the perfect, ahem, storm for me to sleep in a crumpled ball in the far upper corner of my bed. today i'm going to work hard at being in a better mood even though i know i'm going to have to dig really deep to find it the energy. but dammit, i'm nothing if not a stubbourn optimist.
i'm looking forward to coming home tonight and relaxing. i see tubby time and laundry in my future. that is all for the moment. i must now run off to work.
adieu for now, lovies.
*more pictures and more focused posts to come. probably tonight while i'm jam jammin' it at the chateau. have a beautiful day!

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