Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and out like a (rather cantankerous) lamb...

hello kids, 'tis wednesday and the city of tallahassee is completely covered in green pollen. i woke up today feeling like i had spent the evening eating stinging nettles out of the ground. ew. but today is good. i keep finding myself looking toward the weekend and have to remind myself to try to stay present. i can do it, i think.
well, today is the last day of march. what an intense month it has been. a charming and fun, but quite intense month. i am very much looking for quiet and peace right now and have grown quite frustrated with about 80% of this city and my life in it. i think i'm going to do everyone a favour for the next few days and just hole away. perhaps go to a movie, if i can find one interesting that doesn't cost $10.
last night i was completely wooed by the gigantic full moon. it was yellow like old parchment, and hanging low in the sky like a loose button on a jacket. how lovely. i wish i could hide away there for a while. i'm not really quite sure what my damage is at the moment, but woah. the world has a formidable opponent in ole lulu right now. these are the times when i indeed should find a little wooden house somewhere in the forest and sit out there and scream at the top of my lungs, take long silent walks and sit in the bath in a clawfoot tub for hours on end. just the ticket to get my head right.
i am not sure what i want for myself for april. i've definitely been taking better care of myself minus one or two late nights over the weekend. my gal pal is going vegan for a month, i'm not sure i want to go that extreme ('cause homeskillet loves her some cheese, now), but i want to do something good and kind for myself. if i'm kind to lil ole me, then i'm more kind to everyone around me (and i'm much less spacey). not sure how it's connected, but it sure as heck is.
oh, ha! and i realized yesterday after relaying my lizard-toss story to my parents that it was a salamander, not a gecko. not that it makes a huge difference in the long run but i'm sure Sal appreciates the recognition.
okay, well...i reckon i'll go for now. i hope your day is calm and fruitful and super-enjoyable, friends!
much love with this regularly scheduled adieu,
*left picture: little dood getting brushimans from victoria last night. it's his favourite thing in the world. kind of adorable, no?
*right picture: my pollen-covered car this morning. ew.


Rachelle McClure said...

is this cranky mood spring fever? i abhor having to work and do chores on lovely spring days (yellow dust aside, of course). Cheers to the season of rejuvenation and long days. and to cabins with clawfooted tubs.

lulu said...

thank you miss rachelle. that made me smile. cheerth indeed!