Monday, January 11, 2010

about as focused as a spider monkey on speed.

good morning kids! 'tis monday and i am so very happy to be...well, not at work. i am doing quite well minus one or two little things. one thing i am not the biggest fan of in my personal sphere is that i can be a real butthead when i've lost my patience with certain things. i was just a big one to someone. i have apologized but not sure to what avail. oh well, the buttheadiness comes from a place of love, believe it or not, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. i digress.

today the buddy is at his dad's. i miss him already. isn't that pitiful? not seeing that little poufy face throughout the day is kind of getting to me even though he's only been gone 3 hours. i know he's happy running in circles in the backyard because he hasn't gotten to do that in a long time. silly mama. que ridiculo!

well, i'm looking around the funky little shack and adding yet another task to the ever-growing to-do list. it makes me kind of want to hide out at the bookstore for a few hours to clear my mind. the procastinator returns. unfortunate timing though, because i have a ton of stuff i have to get organized now that i'm not renewing the lease for the shack. trying not to panic; but pretending i don't have to worry about it a little bit isn't helping.

it's a lovely day here in tally. i am thoroughly enjoying the erykah badu station on pandora and this arctic front that rolled through has been wonderful! i despise hot weather and have been happy as a clam in 28 degree weather. what a terrible floridian i can be! living in a place with distinct seasons sounds just heavenly to me. gracious my head is in 30 places this morning, sorry guys!

clearly, i have a lot of things rolling about in the ole noggin, i keep putting them off or simmering them on a back burner in my mind instead of just dealing with them. perhaps that's what i should do today. oh but the bookstore is calling me! well, it is my day off, i reckon i can do whatever i want to, huh? i have to remind myself i am a grown-up sometimes (often actually). ha! wish me luck today, kiddos!

adieu for now,
*today's pic: lulu and possibly the worlds largest cup of coffee.

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Dillon said...

He is so happy running, but now it's in half circles. The chicken yard cut into his path. Didn't seem to stop him much though. -Dill