Saturday, January 9, 2010

the attention span of a gnat

good morning campers! 'tis saturday and me and the buddy are at the shop snuggled in from the 20 degree morning as much as we can be. i love love love this weather! it was so awesome to walk outside and see ice on the the ever-so-beautiful retaining pond behind the shop. ha! the glories of nature...sort of.

i am in an unusual mood today. it is a feeling of having a little power (for lack of a better word) in my life. i believe that in reality no one has complete power over their lives, there will always be things out of our control. there's an odd comfort in that. but i am feeling strong today. it feels damn good. i feel like she-ra princess of power, but a brunette and without the unicorn.

last night, i had a relaxing evening in with friends. lots of conversations, a mushie tofu stir-fry (my bad), and a few guilty pleasure videos from you tube (toni braxton says what?) and i would say it was an overall success.

i am looking forward to some light-heartedness though. perhaps a dressy (albeit artery-freezing) evening out with friends? hmmmm? and in the spirit of dressiness...that's right...the fantasy shopper is back with a little etsy gem fer ya today. enjoy! gallo nu riding jacket. $150 me wants this saucy jacket . it would be so perfect to cozy up in today.


*p.s. this is the morning ice. so pretty and somewhat sparkly!


suzy said...

greetings lulu. Well I put my bog name out there but have questions about customizing it. Maybe you can help next week. HELP!!!! the name is Bramblehillcottage. I am excited! Love you lots.

lulu said...

adorable mom! sounds awesome! i will definitely help you as much as i can. yay you!