Tuesday, January 19, 2010

brace yourself, she's a treat today.

good morning friends. 'tis tuesday and yes i skipped a post. i'm not really sure why other than the fact that i was kind of "oh-look-something-sparkly" all day yesterday. i did a sufficient amount of relaxing, spent time with wonderful people and generally avoided anything practical all day long.
in reality i'm a little frustrated with myself for spending too much money, and shirking my responsibilities. but, i am going to have to forgive myself for it eventually. i have given myself until the end of the work day today to waller about all the things i'm frustrated with myself for; then it has to get packed up and shipped off to make room for the worries that actually matter. ha!

i've slacked on yoga, slacked on health, on meditation, on cleaning, and on making my bed. for shame little lu! but today, thankfully is a new day. i've got ideas for this week and i wonder if i will be able to make them happen. i am seriously hoping, but i have been known to be exceptionally prone to beating myself up if i don't succeed at what i think i should be succeeding at.
whew lawd! mama needs to find her center and stop thinking so much! i'm a little bit of a handful today. but you know what? that is okay. it is alright to have days where not much gets done (two weeks in my case). it is also acceptable, as a human (which i have to keep reminding myself i am), to admit that sometimes you just don't know what the hell you are doing and that that simple fact is overwhelming.
that is how i have been feeling lately. frightened that i am some kind of failure when i know i am not. not really sure where it's coming from either but have my optimism shoes on and they are really excellent for trudging through all the mire and kicking down the little ankle-biting creatures all around.
that's all for now, a little monday recap and tuesday psychosis for you. more to come as the day unfolds (as does the origami in my head).
*monday's pic: a quiet moment during the dazed trio's marathon monday.

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