Friday, January 8, 2010

um, excuse me, your ribbon is on fire.

good morning, friends! 'tis friday and i find myself once again at the shop drinking coffee and repeating the same three sentences over and over again to the onslaught of browsers. *sigh*

alls well though. i have gotten a lot done at the shop despite my general lack of enthusiasm and have set my sights toward this evening and some much needed home-cookin' and gal pal time.
i had a truly enjoyable evening last night. i met up with one friend and received an excellent mix cd as a gift. i have been bobbin' my head to it in the back of the shop all morning. i had a wonderful visit with said friend and enjoyed a suitcase full of priceless anecdotes, laughter and a cheers or two. it threaded a lovely, warm placidity throughout me.

afterward i met up with another friend, of whom i have not spent any measurable time with in nearly two years. it was truly delightful to catch up and drink wine and have a bit of intelligent and engaging conversation.

*this is from last night. there is a guy at the wine bar that plays with fire every thursday. i found it entertaining.

i must say, even with my mind being the spastic ribbon dance it has been lately, each day i am finding yet another thing that brings me peace or happiness, and makes me smile. it helps me maintain. maintaining is magnificent and will directly lead to thriving; and i am all about that.

i think the meditation is helping too. i began with the shortest time i can sit still before my brain takes off a-runnin'; but i will be gradually increasing the time i commit to it each day. despite this little success, i do have to say that my dreams have been much more intense and realistic lately. those of you who know how bizarre and detailed my dreams are normally, know that this means i have been a sleepy girl all week long.

i woke myself up talking in my sleep for the third night in a row last night. tuesday night i dreamed that one of my friends was hiding under my bed because he was sad. when i woke up, i immediately looked under the bed to see if he was there because it was SO real.

last night i dreamed a male friend of mine went into labor and that i got a text message saying he had a healthy baby weighing 8 lbs, 3 oz. or something like that. i woke up this morning and checked my phone right away just to see if there really was a text (even though, as a somewhat logical woman, i knew he wouldn't have actually had a baby). ha! who knows what any of that means, if anything. but it is rather amusing nonetheless.

well, my pangaeans, i hope your friday is a mondo fabulous good time! i am off to get a bit more work theory.

adieu for now,

*today's picture is me playing with the triptych mirror at the shop.

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