Monday, January 25, 2010

follow the ramble

i am so happy to be home today that i could cry. i have goals for this fine monday and am trying to organize the crazy schedule i have going this week. i am attempting to stifle the panic about the speed in which the weeks are whizzing by (though they seem to crawl at the shop for some reason). i know that in a matter of weeks i will be 28, have to find a new living situation, and one of my best girls will be leaving tally and i will be missing her. a lot.

i spent last week avoiding the shack. colour me in denial about everything. so this week i plan on spending more time here getting things done.

i'm starting to feel like a real loser that my christmas tree is still up. someone even mentioned it to me recently when i said i hadn't taken it down yet. "didn't you say on your blog that you would do that like a week ago?" ouch. guess i oughtta, huh? people are starting to hold me accountable for things i say on here...whoopsie. heh. so the faux fir is coming down today. i'm actually kind of sad about it but this holiday season was so odd for so many reasons, it'll be good energy to clean it out of here.

i feel like such a grown-up that i have a faux christmas tree that i HAVE to store now. it's daunting and funny that i possess as much holiday decorating items as i do. considering that with the goals i have in mind for myself, i will have to be living with much less in my new place (hopefully). i don't know if i should just try to sell everything that i've accumulated to finance the flurry of dental torture appointments i have to have this year; and the potential death of a belt in jane honda that keeps whirring/squealing at me only when i'm my most psychologically fragile and can't wrap my head around how much it would suck if she broke down.

those money woes and the fact that i am prit much pissed at my credit card balance right now has me fantasizing about winning the lottery or finding a sugar daddie. if someone would just hand me $10,000 i could stop freaking about everything. well, i'll never stop freaking about something but the dental surgery would be done, jane honda would be taken care of and a happy girl once again, no credit card worries, apartments successfully transferred, storage unit secured and filled...and some left over for a few new outfits for little mama because my stuff's been looking a little pitiful lately. that's not asking too much is it? maybe i should put a digital donation jar on here so people who feel bad for me can keep me from complaining by putting a dollar in it or whatever.

ha! or whatever.

adieu for now, kids...thanks for attempting to follow the ramble.

*today's pic: accomplishing much by sifting through grandma's button box. i used to play with all the trinkets in there for hours when i was a youngin.

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