Friday, January 22, 2010


because i don't talk about myself nearly enough, here are some weird facts about me.
1. i love the colour burnt orange, as well as leopard print and amethysts. my grandmother and i shared these affinities.
2. i collect dia de los muertos figurines. i get one for myself every birthday.
3. i want to look like marisa tomei in "only you". with the little pixie haircut and tiny gold hoop earrings. plus that badass backless white outfit that only she could wear.
4. i have kind of always wanted to be a bartender. it's not so terribly different from what i do now. talk to people, and sell them things they don't necessarily need. plus it'd be a nice change to see the world from the other side of the bar.
5. sometimes i think i'd like to end up owning a piece of property somewhere beautiful and living a simple and artistic life. perhaps have a few nekkid youngins running around. or goats. i've always wanted a pet goat.
6. i could quite possibly be paul giamatti's biggest fan.
7. i have ordered the exact same thing at a thai restaurant in town for 26 years. the most delicious cashew chicken. i have to go there at least twice a year just to get my fix.

hope you enjoyed the random silliness, kiddos! more to come later.
*tired lu at work and further photographic evidence that i probably shouldn't wear aviators.

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