Tuesday, January 5, 2010

miss interpret with her sash & tiara

good morning friends! 'tis tuesday and the beginning of take the puppums to work week. he doesn't know it but he's going to be spending some major quality time with mama. he doesn't like going to work with me because of all the noise and people bustling about but it's a slow week (always is after christmas) and i adore having him with me all day.

i am feeling a bit better this morning. i had some dreams last night that have me a little on edge because i know what they were about. plus i slept late because of the aforementioned dreams; but i meditated last night, read several chapters in 29 Gifts, and got some laundry done. so, my head is definitely in a better place today because i feel like i accomplished something. oh, and i made my bed. it is the little victories, right guys?

today is gorgeous. cold and sunny. i am so glad i woke up with a moticum of peace so that i may enjoy it more thoroughly. i am going to try to figure out and perhaps even wrangle some of the more wayward thoughts that keep circling in my head (like the wind inside an aluminum can...to quote edie brickell).

i made a fabulous cup of coffee in my new french press i was given for christmas (which is convenient because yesterday, i ran out of the coffee i have to use for the special coffee maker i got for christmas last year). it is some kind of delicious, though lemme tell ya!

well, i reckon i better hit the showers, i have to be at work in 20 minutes! i am so spoiled living across the street from the office.

here's to a fantastic day filled with peace, and problem-solving!

adieu for now, darlings!

*my view this morning. how gorgeous!

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