Saturday, January 23, 2010

que loco.

feng shui energies beware, i am dislocating all of my cures and redoing, regrouping, reorganizing, re-re-ing the funky little shack little by little. it may be one of the reasons why i was a beast today at work. i mean a pathetic, teary, headachey, bear. there are a slew of reasons actually for this discombobulation and general furrowed brow-ness.

regardless, as a courtesy to the shopping public, i came home early from the shop. now after several hours of convalescing, old saturday night live episodes, and amazing music i am prit much ready to go for a fun night of shakin' ma bootie and laughing a lot. hell, i may even wear something cute and brush my hair.

look out world, it's saturday and the bipolar delight is wringing a smile out of the dirty dish rag that has been her mouth all day.

adieu for now,

*little dreamy dramaboat watching kinky friedman on the telly.

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