Wednesday, January 20, 2010

if you just smile.

good morning campers! 'tis wednesday (i think). only four more days of work this week and i am in great spirits today. feeling more centered, and a little more motivated. i have a lot i need to do and though the only things on the checklist i can actually check off are that i did one (out of five) loads of laundry and cleaned (sort of) the shack. i am moving at a snail's pace though today, obviously, i need to be at work really soon but haven't even had my coffee yet. all that aside, i am smiling. though i smile often, this one's coming from inside. i just feel more at peace today and it's bubbling forth. i hope to spread some of that today. my life is good, despite the piddly (and sometimes devastating drama therein). i realize i am blessed exponentially. with the recent events in haiti, my heart is pouring out to those souls. i will be sending some positivity and peaceful energies thataway. care to join?

i promise i will write more substance and items of interest at some point (and yes i am aware i have been promising that for weeks now) but, i have been a little bit of a cadet lately.

adieu from spaaaaace...


*right pic: me and little man last night having a moment.
*top pic: the fog this morning.

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Susanne said...

Hey sweetie- glad you are experiencing center today, its a great place to be ! We enjoyed last nite, thank you for all your help, and thanks for watching boo for 2 days.Memaw is in the hospital again with dehydration. Please keep her in your prayers.xxxooo mamacita