Thursday, January 28, 2010

fleeting little minute hands

where oh where do my mornings go? i've got 25 minutes to eat breakfast, write this here blog, do my hair and find something that is remotely clean to wear to work today. good morning kids! 'tis thursday and i am literally counting down the time i have left before my weekend begins.
last night my gal came over for a comfort food meal, but we didn't break vegetanuary. we had some delicious asparagus, portobello mushrooms, sweet potatoes, salad, and tbatchnick vegetable soup. we played a game, listened to music, and caught up on life. seven got his girlfriend fix too which is muy importante. they have a love thing going.

today i am feeling a tad better but still a little under the weather with some very stubborn sinus thing. blech. i am looking forward to coming home tonight (don't i say that every day?) and piddling around the shack. wrapping up christmas ornaments and precious things from my grandmother. i am feeling inspired to get the shack in better order tonight.
we'll see how i'm feeling by 5:30, but as of right now that's what i want. organization! i have to get the ball rolling, friends. there isn't much time to find a place and pack up the joint. that tingle of being in transition has my gypsy blood a-boilin'. makes me want to buy a horse-drawn carriage/cart and travel around like some freaky tom waits character selling fortunes and beaded scarves for $5 a pop.

well, now i have 11 minutes to eat breakfast, do my hair, and find something remotely clean to wear to work today. wish me luck!

i hope your day is productive and easy-going today. and perhaps a little mysterious and magical too. that's always nice.
adieu for now,
*today's pic: the fallen tree that has been outside my apartment since i moved in.


Susanne said...

b said the trailr at the ranch is 400.00 plus utilities if you are interested or if you run out of time. Hope you are feeling better.xxxooo

lulu said...

aw thanks mama! i'ma get it figgered out though! love you!