Friday, January 29, 2010


and it's here. my weekend. my beloved precious, elusive sasquatch of a weekend. yeah baby. me and the lady friend are going to get dolled up and paint the town red. well, maybe not entirely red but i can muster up one good coat on my budget.
i have been in the funniest place today going off in little loopty-loops in my head; plowing through work and actually getting a lot done (which always feels good). now i am sitting on the bed with my favourite show on dvd, a delicious beer, and snugglebutt of a pup. life is really good. i actually have been mulling over so many things to write about today. concepts for opinion pieces and a few respectable rants but honestly...i'm just glad to be home. i'm glad to be feeling better and i have a pretty decent grin to match my relatively decent hair day.

'tis good, people. 'tis really good.

adieu for now!

*today's pic: snugglin' with the little man after a long day.

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