Monday, January 4, 2010

lesson learned.

sunday's post: a few hours behind because the computer was down.

three things about my weekend:

1. no tequila shots for lulu ever again. period. just take a gander at that ravishing creature wedged into the couch cushions there. mmmhmm, yeah.

2. sunday fundays with friends are great for curing what ails you. i had a fabulous day with wonderful people and i am so very grateful for it.

3. 3D movies in the front couple of rows of the theatre make people ill. it was like the blair witch project all over again. but at least the movie (avatar) was interesting.

there's actually a whole lot that was going through my head yesterday when i wanted to post but because i am kind of behind the game a little bit, i simplified.

adieu for now, friends. more to come!



Jenny Leigh D. said...

No more tequilla shots?! Oh come now, don't be a quitter!

lulu said...

not just no, but hell no. maybe a margarita in 6 months or so but NO MORE SHOTS. ugh. can't even say it without getting sick again. blech.