Wednesday, January 6, 2010

like a pancake

how do, kiddos? oh don't worry, today's post is light and fluffy. though just about everything is compared to the heaviness of yesterday's. i do have to say the moment i finished that epic post, i felt better. it's all kind of basic "duh" stuff to most everybody and even to me at times. i mean, i'm no dumbie. i know all of these things about myself but i did think i had broken that cycle many months before, only to be somewhat devestated to find that i hadn't. but no worries on the homefront for this little mama! i've already unspooled the silver thread and have been stitching away for hours. yes ma'am!

today has been a long day. i love having the shop to myself during market weeks but at the same time, it's a little draining doing it all by my lonesome. having the puppums there with me helps a lot because he reminds me to take a moment, get down on the floor, wrastle and giggle. that does wonders for the soul, man lemme tell ya!

tonight i made myself the most unhealthy vegetarian dinner outside of twinkies and ho-hos. my kitchen is so devoid of food that i scrounged, and gathered to make a facsimile meal just to fill the ole belly. that way when i go to the grocery store and actually get delicious good-for-me's, i won't blow my whole budget in one fell swoop...or swipe rather.

there are so many things i need to do. if i think about them too long i get overwhelmed. of course, i need to clean the funky little shack, but i always say that i think. i need to straighten nearly every square inch of this apartment. and it's so bloody cold outside (wonderfully so!) that i am almost tempted to just stay in and clean instead of going to the grocery store. i'm almost tempted. if i don't buy food i will end up eating leftover christmas wrapping paper for breakfast and we just can't have that.

so, off i go, my pets. more tomorrow. more light, more fluffy. i hope your evening is delightful (much more healthy than mine thus far), creative, and relaxing.

adieu for now!


*this is me practicing my guitar like a good girl tonight when i came home from work. yes it was unplugged (i have neighbours!) yay me anyway!

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