Tuesday, January 26, 2010

don't call it a comeback.

good morning friends! 'tis tuesday and i am not ready for my weekend to be over. i know it's a little late to say that considering it's been over for about 9 hours. i got a lot done yesterday (well i got some stuff done, it may not have been a lot) and that made me feel better about the fact that i had to crawl back into bed by 5 pm.
i'm not sure if it was something i ate or the weekend i spent surrounded by cigarrette smoke, i felt just horrible. i wallered in bed, watched anchorman and barely slept. meh.

today i am not up to snuff but i'm better than i was yesterday (because i choose to be!) and looking forward to coming home tonight, practicing guitar (because i have been slack since last week), tidying up and probably watching anchorman again.
my goal this week is to stay in. it's my challenge. it's not really so challenging anymore though because i feel a little burned out on socializing in general. that and i'm ba-roke.

oh and in case you were wondering...the christmas tree has been disassembled. now i have to figure out how to get it back in the box. it seems to be about 3 times the size it was when it was packaged. hmmm...

next stop: clearing out the boxes in my "laundry room" so that i may reuse them to pack up for the move.

adieu for now youngins!

*today's pic: jumping up on the settee and taking pictures in front of my art wall...because i'm a grown-up and i'm allowed to.

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