Monday, January 4, 2010

i was kissing valentino by a clear blue italian stream.

good afternoon friends. today is kind of one of those days. you know the kind i mean. here's the deal, my mind is insanely active today and i'm having a hell of a time getting it to focus on anything other than the flea market/mud-boggin' tractor pull that is inside of it.

i'm back at work today after a good long vacation. the store looks great albeit empty. the day has been busy but quiet (thank goodness); but i am greatly looking forward to coming home tonight and hanging out with the baby and perhaps sorting through all of the silly string in my mind.

i feel so discombobulated today that i can't even tell if the sentences i've written already make any sense. argh. me and my silly rabbit hole of a brain.

sufficed to say i will be taking some time for myself this week. i say it often, but i denied myself of it this weekend and i'm paying for it today. i feel prickly.

despite all of this, i am happy to be doing alright in other aspects of my life. i'm doing great with my resolutions thus far (even making my bed every day). i feel inspired to do some purging at the funky little shack too, which always gets me kind of riled up. i love organizing. perhaps the physical act of doing so will help with my mental stuff.'s hoping!

well, kids, i have to run back to work, now.



*me and little buddy on my lunch break today. love my little man. i'd be lost without him.

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susanne conner said...

lety swears by tequila to kill a cold, you'd be lucky to ever have the sniffles again, DOA ! xxxooo