Friday, January 1, 2010

on your mark, get!!!!

gooood morning 2010! actually it's afternoon, but the exuberance is the same. i am glad i went out last night and spent time with lovely people. it was one of the most enjoyable new year's i have had in the better part of a decade (though there were a few key players absent whom i missed). the evening is still overall considered to have been a roaring success.

today begins vegetanuary. and of course i woke up this morning with such a craving for bacon it was indecent. but so far so good. i'm really looking forward to coming up with some creative veggie recipes for the next 31 days. i see some roasts and soups in my future...and stir fry. oh! good gracious i'm hungry. i must stop discussing food.

i have decided i am going to try to post a picture every day documenting this next year. i think it will be fun and a challenge and give me the opportunity to view things a little differently knowing i must have a record of some beautiful part of each day.

little bud and i are homebound today, methinks. we both need baths and i have to straighten the apartment (and jane honda). but i am seriously considering slinking off to a movie sometime this afternoon or evening for a little date with myself.

also on todays list: yoga. meditation. journaling. and all in all working on some things i'd like to make new habits of this upcoming year (preferably permanent habits at that).

the day is gorgeous here in tally this fine new year's day. we had a blue moon last night which i thought was exceptionally cool. the weather is crisp and windy (yay!), the sun is peeking out, i am feeling positive, encouraged, inspired, and truly happy today. what a great beginning!

here's to you, friends (toasting with a cup of joe)! let's do it up right, this go 'round. we are equipped for happiness and success!

love to you all!



Adrienne said...

i woke up with a pep in my step this morn too. i burned some symbolic pieces of 2009 in the fire when i woke up and wrote a list of plans. i have taken inspiration from your love of new year's and decided there is no good reason for me to dread it. 2010 will be fresh and i unpacked my baggage. hell to the yes.

lulu said...

yes ma'am! that is my girl right there! the symbolic steps push us farther along just as much as "real" steps do. you are a force, my darling friend. let us not forget! i will try to keep up! xanaduuuuu!